Kool Cones Knockbox (Pre-Roll Cones Production Filling Station)

Kool Cones Knockbox utilizes the latest and Patented technology for production pre-roll cone filling. This assures the perfect 'pack' on each and every cone with continuity and consistency every time.

The Kool Cones Knockbox is a 100 count filler, which is fast filling of 2 minutes or less. Perfect when used with multiple 'Unload Stations' to create ideal workflows combining perfect cone packing with efficiency of production!

*Note- many 'other brands' claim larger capacity filling only to fill loose and sloppy cones which cost more time and money in the end, as well as unhappy customers. Do it right with Kool Cones Knockbox.

Kool Cones Knockbox includes:

  • Kool Cones Knockbox Base
  • Controller
  • Power Cord
  • Spill Tray
  • Wooden Box
  • Standard Filling Kit includes:
  • Standard Filling Device
  • 36mm Mix Tray
  • Unload Station Plus (Standard/Reefer Size)
  • Wooden Box

Compatible with all Kool Cones Pre-Roll Cones

*Crown diameter ranging from 11-12.5mm (for Standard filling device, other sizes available)

*Also compatible with any Knockbox or Thumper compatible cones

  • Kool Cones 84/26  (1 1/4)
  • Kool Cones 98/26  (Slim/Special)
  • Kool Cones 109/26 (King)
  • Kool Cones 109/21 (King)

*Call or email for discount on multiple units. 509.452.4800


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