High Fidelity Paper Co. Pre-Roll Cones 84mm x 26mm (900 count)


High Fidelity Pre-roll Cones are the perfect blend of taste and technology!

High Fidelity Paper Co. is ecstatic to bring technology to an aspect of the industry that has long-awaited a breakthrough: the Pre-Roll Cone. We painstakingly analyzed all cones currently on the market and discovered a glaring shared weakness: the crutch. This led us to developing the SUPER CRUTCH, which improves cone structure by up to 33% and is available on all of our High Fidelity Pre-Roll cones.

Made with the purest raw ingredients and handcrafted for the perfect slow even burn. High Fidelity pre-roll cones are the most superior burning Pre-Roll on the market. Premium Brand, Value Price.

The 84mm x 26mm Pre-Roll made with raw Natural unbleached paper, or White paper specifically designed for that slow even burn and great taste! Perfect fit into any pre-roll filling machine for efficiency of production! You can count on Hifi Pre-rolls to deliver an easy roll, great taste and even better pricing!


-Size: 84mm x 26mm; perfect for .5g

-Natural unbleached paper or White paper

-900 units per box
-NO logo - paper tip
-compatible with Doob Cube, Knockbox or other pre-roll filling machines

-pricing starting $0.075 per unit

Call or email us for BULK discounts, or inquire about custom printing!

*Pictures; unbleached natural, Size scale, 


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