6 oz Glass Straight Side Flint Jar, 63-400 Finish (12pcs)

For Food, Spice, Tobacco, CBD use only.

Glass Jars are one of the best way to get noticed, not only does it highlight your product inside by provide crystal clear packaging for your customers to admire. From a marketing standpoint; moving away from the 'sea of bags' and onto a premier position in any storefront, not only positions your product closer to your buyer, but also increases the value in dollars and cents.

Our 6 oz clear glass straight-sided round jar with 63-400 neck finish. Straight-sided jars have a wide mouth, thick walls, and a relatively square base make our jars effortless the label too. They are simple, elegant, and look great with a label.

Glass has high clarity, with  high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. All glass at IS is lead free and is pharma and food certified. This item has a 63-400 neck finish. Lids available but not included.

Samples Always Available!


  • Color: Clear
  • Size:6 oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Case Pack: 12
  • Neck Finish: 63-400
  • Diameter:2.59 in / 6.579 cm
  • Height:3.074 in / 7.808 cm
  • Label Dimensions:7.1875 x 1.6875 in
  • Print Dimensions:7.9375 x 2.125 in
  • Print Dimensions: 8.125 x in
  • Custom options available please email or call
  • 12 jars without lids per case 


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