Stretch Film – Hand


Innovative Sourcing proudly distributes stretch film for a number of the world’s largest film manufacturers, which allows us to serve our customers with the best possible containment solution.  Some of our most popular brands are listed below, but please, give us a call regarding your stretch film needs at 509.452.4800.

 Fortitude:Ultra Performance, hybrid hand wrap, lightweight rolls with reinforced edges and oscillating wind
WinLock:Ultra Performance, pre-stretch hand film has a balance of film stiffness and tear resistance.  Available with and without cores
X-Series:Ultra Performance, pre-stretch hand film, ideal for high volume applications
XH:High Performance, cast hand film, quietly and easily unwinds from the roll
XB:High Performance, blown hand film, aggressive two-sided
ADW:Performance, cast, hand film, high load containment
HWX:Performance, blown, hand film, economical and versatile

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