Innovative Sourcing OEM LF1080IS; Nitrogen Filled BAG SEALER, Processing


Innovative Sourcing OEM LF1080IS; Nitrogen Filled BAG SEALER, Processing.

Continuous Band Sealer complete with Nitrogen or other gas filling plus vacuum capabilities to produce the perfect pouch of nitrogen to protect fragile products and preserve freshness by expelling oxygen.  It seals the bags, date codes if desired utilizing hot stamp technology, in one step.

This machine has a high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor in your operation while enhancing final product quality.

²  Thicker and wider heating block & cooling block to ensure quick and accurate sealing

²  High precision processed drive wheel

²  High-quality solid rubber tensioning knob

²  Unibody gear box

²  Patent to replace the sealing belt, which is easy and convenient

²  Shields are on the machine to ensure operator safety

²  Conveyor can be easily adjusted according to the size of the products

²  Elegant panel, easy operation, variable speed conveyor

²  Nitrogen or other gas filling capabilities utilizing adjustable filling time to make the perfect pouch

²  “AirTac” filter can prevent contaminants into the vacuum pump

²  Adjustable height and tilt to a Max of 15 degrees

FunctionAir Suction, Gas Flushing & Bag Sealing
PowderMotor power(50W)Total=1405W
Sealing Power:220Wx2
Vacuum pump:900W
Sealing speed(m/min)0~12
Sealing Width(mm)6~12
Temperature range0~300
Max. thickness of single  layer film  (mm)≤0.08
Max Loading of conveyor(Kg)≤3
Machine size(L*W*H)mm1020*480*(925+140 adjustable)
Weight (Kg)84Kg

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