Green Vault GVS Precision Batcher, Processing


Green Vault GVS Precision Batcher, Processing

 Precision Batcher

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  • Precision Batcher

    The flexibility and accuracy of the Precision Batcher are second to none when it comes to batching and packaging product.

    This innovative packaging technology uses gentle puffs of air to move product rather than vibration. The process aids in the preservation of product, leading to a higher end product, better market price, and a consumer experience that lives up to your brand’s high standards.

    We are experts in the packaging process, and the Precision Batcher is the only specifically designed weight batcher for the retail industry, delivering ultra-high tolerances and capacities that not only increase overall product value but reduce labor and handling for higher product quality.

  • The Precision Batcher has a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams. It is virtually impossible for humans to reach this level of accuracy with any kind of speed.
  • High throughput, capable of 20+ batches per minute.
  • Reduces packaging labor while increasing product yield and value.
  • GVS Airkush technology ensures gentle product handling and superior quality.

Basic Specifications

Dimensions:     Approx. 73″ x 36″ x 112″ (L x W x H)

Input Power:     1 ph x 115 VAC, 10 amp

Input Air:           60 psi @ 10 cfm

Construction:   Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive food approved materials.

Capacity:           20+ batches per minute.

* Average 16 – 18 batches per minute depending on batch size and piece size.

Batch Sizes:      User defined. (Ex. 1g, 2g, 3.5g, etc.)

Product Size:      Max. Product Length: 60 mm (2.25”) – Max. Product Width: 45 mm (1.8”) * Based on dry trimmed product.

Options:             Connection to automative bag sealing machines, roll stock machines, jar lines, and manual bagging attachments.

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