750ml Wine Bottle Claret 6151 AG Tall Taper Cork (12)

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750ml Wine Bottle Claret 6151 Antique Green color, cork finish, 12 pack cases. 6151 Tall Taper is long-bodied and sleek – refined beauty molded to perfection. A superb finish leads from an outstretched neck and body, making this the ideal choice for statement vintages.  Please call or email for current pricing, additional options, custom cartons and images 
  • Color:  Antique Green / AG
  • Size:  750ml
  • Material:  Glass
  • Case Pack:  12
  • Neck Finish:  28.75mm  +/-0.5
  • Diameter:  77mm
  • Height:  330mm
  • Weight:  615g
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