Ascera 510 Cartridges XT-75


We are excited to introduce the next generation of 510 Cartridges!

The ASCERA XT-75 is the first true Full Flavor Cartridge.

So many cart brands claim to be vaporizers, but they are literally just ‘oil BURNERS’.

The Ascera XT-75 510 Cartridges are the first to use technology to reduce the voltage required  to atomize by 50-60%. By reducing the voltage, you stop burning the sauce and start tasting the terpenes. This is the full flavor cartridge we all have been wanting but could never get…until now!

Ascera XT-75 Cartridge achieves low voltage atomization by optimizing the coil material with a Quartz/Ceramic Coil and Japanese organic cotton wick. The combo of these two elements allows super low voltage levels – greatly reducing the temperature at atomization – which directly increases the terpene flavor profiles by 150%+! This is the next Generation 510 Cartridge – right now.

Ascera XT-75 doesn’t stop just at the flavor. The Ascera XT-75 Cartridge is a Full Ceramic Cartridge – but using Zirconia Ceramic – which is made under the force of a 10-ton press and oven cured for 4 days. This process gives it the strength of steel and eliminates any porosity of the ceramic (which is key to prevent any oils or chemical leaching as traditional ceramics do). The quality of components of the Ascera XT-75 continues with Viton gaskets (which do not deform under pressure, temperature, or duration) placed through out the cartridge. Borosilicate glass tank, Facetted ceramic or Zirconia ceramic mouth pieces on each cartridge. And finally the trademarked Ascera aspiration holes optimize airflow and locking lids.

For quality control each unit is pressure tested both before and after the Zirconia Ceramic post is locked into place during production. The results have outstanding leak control, durability and have proven to be fail proof.

If you care about the extract you are producing and putting into the marketplace, you owe it to your brand to check out the Ascera XT-75 510 Cartridges- The first true full flavor cartridge. This is the next generation cartridge.

Available in 3 viscosity configurations, providing the ideal cartridge for all types of extracts: live resin, oil and distillate in both 0.5ml and 1ml volumes.

Pair Ascera Cartridges with the genuine Ascera low voltage Voltair (branding- friendly) with 4 settings batteries.

Low MOQ for customization and branding available.

Ascera cartridges are available for production blocks with ATG Monoblox, Thompson & Duke ACF1/IZR rack-ready.

Innovative Sourcing is proud to partner with Ascera as the Pacific Northwest exclusive distributor.

Please contact us for further details: or 509-452-4800

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