2oz Glass Tall CR Flint Jar with Black CR Lids (200 pcs)



2 oz Tall CR Jar includes Black CR Lids.

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These jars have been designed with CR Lids, which allows for the glass and lid to have flush sides – which looks great aesthetically – but is practical for labeling and packaging…AND they come ready to use with CR black closures!

Tall, straight-sided jars have a wide mouth, thick walls, and a relatively square base.

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Our jars are simple, elegant, and look great with a label or silk print. Glass has high clarity, high chemical-resistance levels, and extremely high resistance to heat and cold. A great container for storing essential oils or flower.

This jar is crystal clear, making it an ideal display container for your product. This item includes Black CR lids with liner.


For Food, Spice, Tobacco, CBD use only.

200 pieces per case at $0.50 per jar with CR Lid!

*42 carton per pallet (8400 pcs)*

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