Void Fillers

Triplewall and Plywood Replacement Panels

Available in the same standard dimensions as plywood and triplewall at a fraction of the weight. Hexacomb panels provide effective and economical protection for shipping and handling operations including:

Dunnage inside trucks, ships and railcars.

Crating and boxshipping.

Custom cut bracing and load separation.


Hexacomb Transport System

The combination of Hexascomb Air Bags, Roll Buffer Pads and Void Filler Panels creates a system that holds rolls tight and absorbs shock to protect rolls from impact damage. This system has been proven effective by the Association of American Railroads (A.A.R.) for over 15 years.

Roll Buffer Pad

Idal for jumbo rolls( inexcess of 8,000 lbs ) which cannot be shipped vertically due to trailer floor weight and height limitations. Hexacomb/Honeycomb saddle-shaped cradles cushion and protect, eliminating roll " flat spots "

Custom designs.

Void Fill Panels

When center voids in a rail car are larger than 12", the A.A.R. requires that Void Filler Panels be used.


Unique combination of Hexacomb, corrugated and stretch film creates a customized shipping enviornment. Clear-view package aspect reduces mishandling. Easily customized to fit your product. pProducts can be shipped fully assembled.


A lightweight alternative to wood and plastic, Hexacomb / honeycomb palltes are easy to handle and will not splinter. Two-way or four-way entry allows easy forklift access.

Capable of hankling loads up to 2,500 lbs. Lightweight - saves on shipping costs ( only 7 to 17 lbs ). Custom designed - one size doesn't have to fit all. Safe - easy to handle compared to wood, no nails or splinters or strain. Eliminates import restrictions on wood.

Block Design Pallet

Offers four-way entry for handtrucks or forklifts. Good for short-run or single trip jobs. Nestable: more pallets can be shipped/stored in the same space.

Runner Design Pallet

Offers beam strength for heavier load applications & conveyorable.

Runner with Four-Way Entry Capability

Offers four-way entry for handtrucks or forklifts. Offers beam strength for heavier load applications.

Pallet with Bottom Sheet

Bottom sheet adds strength and durability, conveyorable.