Honey Comb

HEXACOMB / HONEYCOMB the total Protective Products in a package:

Flexible - Protective - Custom

Amazingly light. Remarkably versatile. Incredibly strong. Honeycomb products can meet your needs for packaging your unique products and ensuring safe delivery to your customer. From die cut specialties to cushion comb applications, your packaging issues can be solved with honeycomb.

Honeycomb lends itself to many packaging variations due to its flexibility and many uses. Better yet, honeycomb is made with Kraft linerboard and water-based adhesive, so that all honeycomb products are fully recyclable, re-usable, and biodegradable.

Hexacomb / Kraft Honeycomb board provides protection from the inside out. From corner protectors to Cushion-Comb to die-cut cavities, honeycomb board is the righgt choice for complete product protection. Honeycomb board's environmentally friendly kraft paper construction provides superior cushioning and protection. Honeycomb board is custom-designed to meet your packaging needs.

Our sales engineers and designers will work with you to create packaging options that provide optimal protection for your products. Shaped, cut or glued, Hooney comb board delivers many if the properties associated with foam, but in a more environmentally acceptable manner. Designed for ease of use and compatibility, Honeycomb is offered in a variety of standard forms. And with its adaptability and our custom-design process, we can

make Honeycomb board the key component in protecting almost any delicate or breakable product. Call for more information.